Short version: Shelley is a standup comedian and content creator based in DC. Whether it’s online or onstage, Shelley’s work is seriously not serious, handling dark humor in a silly and disarming way. A rising star, Shelley has opened for headliners such as Ramy Youssef, Dulce Sloan, and Judah Friedlander. 

Long Version: Shelley fostered her love for stand-up comedy in college while remaining ignorant of any party scene. She can be seen performing and hosting all around the DMV area, sharing her insight as a savvy-yet-awkward minority female in the 21st century. She also co-produced the Underground Comedy Fest 2017, a DC festival with over 60 comedians and national headliners in conjunction with Underground Comedy (named “DC’s Laugh Leader” by Washington Post).

A versatile millennial who likes to stay busy, Shelley is consistently churning out satire on social media. Her projects include a Mike Pence Pinterest boards, Steve Bannon Spotify Sessions, and Alternative Valentine’s– a series of Valentine’s card based on our nation’s favorite political administration.  

Other than being a participant in DC’s favorite mudslinging hobby, Shelley is a self-aware sports fan. One of her most popular creations is Coach Taylor’s Yelp Reviews, a series of restaurant reviews from Coach Taylor of Friday Night Lights, a TV show Shelley is obsessed with.

Whether it’s online or onstage, Shelley’s work is seriously not serious, and her unique insights are framed in a silly, disarming way. She’s one of DC’s rising stars, so check out one of her projects above, or see her live. Or just say hi on Instagram at @machinegunshelley_ Your attention would mean a lot to her.


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